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What to Ask SEO Consultants?

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Let’s make it short and clear: SEO demand is just growing and finding a good SEO consultant these days could be a challenging task as the crucial question is – what to ask SEO consultants before hiring them?

I added my 2 cents here hopefully it helps.

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Questions You Should Ask SEO Consultants

Can You (Really) Help My Business?

The first question you should ask any potential SEO consultant is their ability to actually help your business. Not all businesses have the same goals and needs, and not all businesses need and can benefit from SEO services.

The right SEO consultant will be able to assess your specific business needs and determine if they can truly help you achieve your goals (Personally, I never take projects that I don’t believe I can help).

This way you can avoid spending time and money on services that won’t truly benefit your business.

What is Your Resume?

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Another important question to ask is about the consultant’s resume. This will give you an idea of their previous experience and success in the SEO industry.

Look for consultants who have worked with businesses similar to yours, or who have a track record of delivering results.

For example, if you are looking for someone who specializes in B2C SEO, you should specifically look for consultants who have experience in that area and have successfully helped B2C businesses improve their online presence.

Remember, years in the industry don’t necessarily equal expertise. A newer SEO consultant with a strong track record can be just as effective, if not more so, than someone who has been in the industry for a long time.

What Do You Know About Business and Industry?

Make sure the consultant knows and understands your business and industry. This is crucial for creating an effective SEO strategy that targets the right audience and keywords.

The basics of SEO are universal, but every industry and business is unique and requires a tailored approach.

A good SEO consultant will take the time to research your industry, competitors, target audience, and the best keywords for your business.

They should also be able to provide recommendations on how to improve your website’s user experience, as well as other digital marketing strategies that can complement SEO efforts.

How Do You Measure Success?

measuring success
Focus on leads, not rankings

Many consultants and clients think that measuring keyword rankings is the ultimate success metric for SEO.

In reality, it’s much more complicated. Make sure your consultant tracks keyword rankings, and make sure you know and agree on which keywords to track.

Also make sure to ask the consultant to measure factors such as organic traffic based on Google search console and GA4, conversions, conversion rates, and ROI.

A good SEO consultant will be able to provide you with a clear plan on how they will track and measure success for your business specifically, based on your goals and KPIs.

They should also regularly report back to you with progress updates and any necessary adjustments to the strategy.

Want More Traffic?

What is Your Approach?

Ask the SEO consultant about their approach, meaning:

Do they have a specific strategy in mind?

Will they provide you with a detailed plan of action?

Will they just make vague promises without any clear direction?

When do they expect you to see results?

What do they need from your end?

One of the most important things is to make sure both of you are aligned on your expectations, goals, and way of work. That way there will be no surprises down the line.

Can You Provide a Short SEO Audit?

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In order to understand your website’s situation and needs, a good SEO consultant should be able to provide you with a short SEO audit.

This can include an analysis of your website’s structure, content, technical aspects, backlink profile, and other SEO issues you may have.

This will give you a better understanding of where your website stands and what areas need improvement in order to achieve your desired results.

Can You Provide References?

It’s always a good idea to ask for references when considering hiring an SEO consultant.

This will give you the opportunity to speak with past clients and get their perspective on working with the consultant.

Ask about their experience, results achieved, communication style, and overall satisfaction with the services provided.

You can also check online reviews and testimonials to get a better understanding of the consultant’s reputation.

What is Your Communication Style?

email and a project management tool

Communication is key in any relationship, including the one with your SEO consultant. In the world of clients, there are those who will call you every day and those who will only want monthly reports.

In the world of consultants, there are those who prefer talking on the phone, while others prefer email or a project management tool (like myself).

Make sure you are on the same page when it comes to communication preferences. This will ensure a smoother working relationship and avoid any miscommunication or misunderstandings along the way.

What is Your Pricing Structure?

pricing structure

Establishing the pricing structure is essential to avoid any surprises in the future. Ask the SEO consultant about the pricing and services they offer within that price.

Do they charge hourly, monthly, or per project? Are there any additional costs for specific tasks or services like content writing, backlinks, or developing hours?

Understanding the pricing structure will help you plan and budget accordingly, and also see if it aligns with your financial constraints.

What is Your Reporting Process?

reporting platform
Source: SEMrush.com

Reporting is one good way to track and monitor the progress of your SEO efforts. Ask your consultant how often he reports. For example, providing a monthly report that includes traffic metrics, keyword rankings, and overall progress can be very helpful.

Additionally, ask how they will provide these reports – via email or through a project management tool?

What platform will be used to produce those reports?

Having a clear understanding of the reporting process will ensure that you have access to all the necessary information and can track the success of your SEO efforts.

What Other Services Do You Offer?

Some SEO consultants offer additional services that can be beneficial to your business. For example, content writing, link-building services, social media management, or website maintenance.

Make sure you know what services they offer and if they align with your business needs. This will not only save you time and effort but also ensure that all aspects of your online presence are taken care of by one reliable consultant.

Contract and Payment Terms

If you feel you find the right SEO consultant for your business, the next step is to discuss and agree on a contract that outlines all the terms of your agreement.

This should include details such as project scope, timeline, deliverables, payment schedule, and any additional fees or costs.

Make sure to see if there is any obligation for long-term commitment and if there is any guarantee of results.

In terms of payment, clarify these points:

  • How often will you be invoiced?
  • What are the accepted forms of payment?
  • Are there any additional fees or costs that may arise during the project?

Having a well-defined contract and a clear understanding of payment terms will help avoid any misunderstandings or disputes in the future.

Final Thoughts

Hiring an SEO consultant can greatly benefit your business by improving your online presence, increasing website traffic, and ultimately driving sales.

However, it’s important to do your research and carefully consider all factors before making a decision.

Remember to thoroughly evaluate the consultant’s experience, credentials, and services offered. Discuss and agree upon all terms in a written contract to ensure a successful partnership.

There are many options out there, so take your time and choose the consultant that best aligns with your business goals and needs.

With the right SEO consultant by your side, you can take your online presence to new heights.

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